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Worried about sex and relationships, gangs, bullying, running away or something else? Our expert team are here to help. Is This OK? is a safe place for your to talk. The Is This OK Team? are a bunch of different people, they're friendly and they won't judge you. They work for charities here in the UK and they are all experts in offering support. Most importantly, they all care about giving you the space to talk. You can talk to them about anything - a relationship that you're worried about, for example, or a situation that you aren't comfortable with.

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Our chatbot will ask you some simple questions so we can direct you to the right place. It can provide with useful information if you need it and put you in touch with someone to chat to. Please use the buttons provided to answer any questions.

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Not ready to chat?

We know it can sometimes be scary talking to someone new. Especially for the first time. So we have found a bunch of web pages for you to access, hopefully they will give you some of the answers you are looking for and when you are ready we can put you through to a real person to chat to.

Here are some useful services with advice on how to deal with some issues which might be troubling you.