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What you need to know first

Is This Ok? is a safe digital space for young people to access support in an anonymous and confidential way. This means that we do not know who you are when speaking with you (anonymous) and that this service doesn’t share your conversations with other professionals (confidential).

We want to support and empower you to share information on your terms. If you would like us to share information on your behalf, then we can do this with your consent and details such as your name, date of birth, and address. If you are worried about someone else and want information shared to professionals then we can do this with your consent.

We do not and cannot track you and a chat with us won’t be able to be traced back to you.

When you first come through to the Is This Ok? service, you will be put through to a chat-bot. A chat-bot is used to create an on-line chat conversation via text, before providing direct contact with a person.

At Is This Ok? we use a chat-bot as an easy way of identifying the support you need. You will then have the option to be transferred through to a trained chat advisor who will be able to listen and provide non-judgemental support.

We support young people with a range of different issues or concerns, including when a young person feels they don’t have options to leave or stop a situation. It may be that you are wondering if your situation or a friends situation is okay and would like to chat to someone anonymously and confidentially about this. Our trained advisors are here to chat.

Our specialist advisers are available for you to chat to everyday between 16:00- 23:00.

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