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OKbot can provide useful info on a number of topics, from sex and relationships to crime or even if you're thinking about running away. If you want to talk to a real person, it gives easy access to our expert team.

Frequently asked questions

Below are a selection of some of the most commonly asked questions from Is This OK? users like you.

Only our trusted Is This OK? team members will see your conversation and it is stored in a safe place.

If we are worried that you may be in a dangerous situation, we may need to talk to other people about what we have talked about. We will always discuss this with you first.


Lots of young people like you said they would like the chat to be 100% private and so we designed OKbot to clear the chat anytime you go away from the chat page. The next time you come back, the history will not be visible.

You can also delete your browser history to remove any mention of Is This OK?


OKbot is a private and safe computer driven chatbot to help you find the right guidance on a whole range of topics. The chatbot is not a human, however OKbot can help connect you to a (human) Is This OK? team member, who you can talk with in a safe and secure 1-2-1 live chat.