Parents/ carers

If your child or a young person in your care is being exploited, Is This OK? can help.

Who ‘Is This Ok?’ for

This service is for children and young people who are at risk or currently experiencing exploitation (CSE/CCE) and/or harm.

Our dedicated, specialist ‘Is This Ok?’ service can help support children and young people aged 13-18, who want to ask for help in an anonymised and confidential way.

How it works

We offer a non-judgemental and safe space for those at risk or currently experiencing exploitation (CSE/CCE) and/or harm, to talk about their experiences in confidence. We can provide reassurance, support them to explore their choices, and help them formulate a safety plan.

Children and young people can also contact us to talk through their concerns and receive advice.

Children and young people access a dedicated chat-bot at where they will be asked a few triage questions to determine what type of support they need. Children and young people have the option to either chat to a trained ‘Is This Ok?’ professional or to receive additional advice and support through our dedicated information pages – Info and advice – Is This OK?

How to use ‘Is This Ok?’

Many parents and carers, who suspect a child in their care is experiencing exploitation, say they feel helpless and scared for their loved one. Therefore, we understand that letting your child know about our service might be a comfort to you.

The service is currently available in London and Sussex.

If you are a parent/carer in one of these areas and would like to let your child know about the service, you can provide them with the following link –


The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) is a framework for identifying and referring potential victims of modern slavery and ensuring they receive the appropriate support.

Modern slavery is a complex crime and may involve multiple forms of exploitation. It encompasses:

  • human trafficking
  • slavery, servitude, and forced or compulsory labour

An individual could have been a victim of human trafficking and/or slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour.

Victims may not be aware that they are being trafficked or exploited, and may have consented to elements of their exploitation, or accepted their situation. If you think that modern slavery has taken place, the case should be referred to the NRM so that the Single Competent Authority (SCA) can fully consider the case. You do not need to be certain that someone is a victim.

To find out more, go to National referral mechanism guidance: adult (England and Wales) – GOV.UK (

What is criminal exploitation and county lines?

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Top tips for parents and carers

Don't just notice what is going on start making notes of what is happening (this will be useful for when you raise your concerns with any professional / service who are there to PROTECT not to NEGLECT our children / families).