About this service

Is This Ok? is a free, anonymous, and confidential service, bringing trained professionals together to provide support to young people through a chat service. You don’t need to provide your real name (a nickname is fine for us!), and we don’t need to know your address.

What do we mean by anonymous?

When you use our service we do not know who you are or where you are. We do not collect any data from your phone or computer (I.P. address). We only know the things about you which you choose to share. We can not trace the device you are using.

What do we mean by confidential?

It is very rare for us to share the information you have shared with someone else, we will only do this if the team is worried you’re in danger. We will always discuss this with you first.

We can help.

Is This Ok? has been supporting young people since 2019. Our staff are trained professionals who want to help you through anything you are finding difficult.

Our chatbot will be able to give you advice and information 24/7 and our specialist advisers are available for you to chat from 2:30pm – 9:30pm Monday- Thursday and 4pm – 11pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

How this service works

Talk to our bot Our bot will ask you some questions in order to get you the best possible support. It can also provide lots of information you might find helpful. But it can't understand if you type your reply, so use the multiple choice buttons to answer.

Talk to a person Our specialist team are here to support you and help you think things through. If you want to chat, we won’t judge; we just want you to feel safe and free from danger.

Have we chatted before? Let us know and we’ll try and start where we left off. We keep a record of our chats so you don’t have to repeat yourself, but we won't share this with anyone else.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Got a question about Is This OK? Check our frequently asked questions to see if we have already answered it.

  • Your privacy

    We understand that privacy is important. Click here to learn how to delete your chat history, and how we keep your information safe and private.

  • Info and advice

    Are you are worried about something, or someone you know? Here you'll find information and advice for young people on topics like sex, relationships, gangs, or running away. Information...

Contact us anonymously

Speak to our free, anonymous chatbot so we can direct you to the right place. It can provide you with useful information and connect you with someone who cares via our 1-2-1 chat service.

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