About this service

Is This OK? is a partnership between Runaway Helpline and Childline who are working together to offer support to young people

Who are we?

Is This OK? is a partnership between Childline and Runaway Helpline and is funded by Children in Need.

We are working together to offer young people an easy way to access specialist support and advice.

We understand that there are times in life when a situation or events feel difficult or uncomfortable and you might find yourself asking ‘Is This OK?’

Our team of experts want to be there for you, to help you answer this question and explore some solutions.

We will go at your pace, we won’t push you, and we want to help you sort things out for yourself.

We also understand that you might not be ready to chat straight away so we have created a chatbot which is able to point you in the right direction to other places where your questions can be answered.

Why use a chatbot?

We did our research and realised that young people prefer to text each other and so we created a chatbot messaging service to let young people get access to information directly to their phone or computer.

The chatbot also collects some basic details to pass on to the expert team of human beings just to make the process easier.

We are new!

This is a brand new service and we are constantly learning so the website and chatbot might change over time BUT our expert team are skilled professionals who know exactly what they are doing.