How this service works

Is This OK? have created a chatbot as a way to offer information, advice and to provide easy access to our expert team of workers

Is This OK? OKbot is a chatbot that offers confidential information and advice for young people, and easy access to our expert team if you’ve got something you need to talk about or are worried that something doesn’t feel right.

The chatbot can signpost you to other sources of support which you might find helpful or it can put you through to an expert team member; a real person for you to chat to.

The chatbot will share the information you have told it with the team member as a way of introducing you to each other.

You can chat to the team member about anything you are worried about and they will do their best to help.

Our team are experts in offering support and they won’t judge you.

Sometimes, if the team is worried you’re in danger, they may need to share this information with other people who can help to make you safe. They’ll only do this if:

  • You ask them to
  • They believe your life or someone else’s is in danger
  • You’re being hurt by someone in a position of trust who has access to other children, like a teacher or police officer
  • You tell them that you’re seriously harming another person

The team will always talk to you about why we would need share those serious concerns and who we were sharing them with.