Worried about a friend?

You can contact us if you are worried about a friend or someone you know. Learn more about how you can support someone you are worried about.

Worried about another young person?

If you’re worried about your friend or someone else you know, there is lots of information on this site that could help you understand what is going on for them.

In hard times, everyone needs a good friend. Being a good friend, listening and supporting someone when things are tricky, isn’t easy. Sometimes being honest about why you are worried about them can feel very difficult.

We know that people talk to their friends usually before they talk to any adults. It might be that you are holding a lot of worries about someone and you feel you need some advice and to talk things through. OKbot is here to talk to you, in confidence.

If you feel that talking to someone would be grassing on your friend or breaking their secrets, knowing you can talk to us without anyone knowing who you are or who your friend is, could really help.

You and your friends deserve to be safe and happy.

These are just a few of the things young people have told us is worrying them about a friend

  • Are they away from their home and don’t have another home to go to?
  • Are they being hurt or having arguments at home?
  • Do they seem to be depressed or are hurting themselves?
  • Are they asking to stay at yours because they can’t go home?
  • Do they have a boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn’t treat them right?
  • Are they in trouble and worried about what is going to happen?
  • Are they in a gang and having to do stuff that seems dangerous?
  • Do they not like being in a children’s home or foster care and don’t want to stay there?
  • Might they have to marry someone they don’t want to?
  • Are they being made to have sex or do things with people?
  • Are they under a lot of pressure at school and not showing up?

We can help

If you are worried about a friend and not sure what to do, you can talk to our chatbot. We can direct you to other organisations who can help or you can chat with someone who cares through our online chat service.

Need more help?

We know everyone's situation is unique. We are available to chat every day from 4-11pm offering free and confidential support.

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