Moving drugs around

Have you been asked to carry a bag to an unknown area? Talk to our free and confidential chatbot today for support and advice.

Sometimes, young people are asked to carry drugs around for dealers and gangs, sometimes within a local area and sometimes to other towns or cities. This is often referred to as County Lines.

Young people are often asked to do this because they look young and the police might not stop them. Dealers also know that if the young person does get caught, they’re the ones who’ll get the criminal conviction, not the dealer.

If you get caught with drugs, the police may charge you with possessing an illegal substance, whether it is yours or not.

You should never be put under pressure to do this or feel that to fit in you have to carry anything or do anything illegal.

If you have been doing this or are worried you have, it’s not too late to ask for help.

  • Away from home or care?
  • Caught up in a gang or going country?

If you have been asked to carry drugs to unknown areas, talk to our chatbot today, for free and anonymously. Our chatbot can direct you to other agencies who can help or put you through to speak with someone who cares.

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